Breach at UK's Great Western Railway: Commuters told to reset passwords

Great Western Rail is urging all customers to change their passwords after identifying a successful attack to access accounts over the last week.

The train company said circa 1,000 accounts were directly affected out of more than a million, and has written to those customers and the Information Commissioner’s Office.

“We are now asking other account holders to do the same as a precaution against potential further attempts,” GWR told The Register p>

“This kind of attack uses account details harvested from other areas of the web to try and catch out consumers with poor password habits. Sadly, it is the kind of attack that is experienced on a daily basis by businesses across the globe, and is a reminder of the importance of good password practice.

“We have acted quickly and decisively with our partners to protect our customers’ data, and have taken clear steps to stop it happening again.”

In a general email to account holders GWR said it has reset all passwords as a precaution. “To ensure the security of your personal information you will need to do this when you next log in to the website.

“You should use a unique password for each of your accounts for security, and we recommend you review all of your accounts for maximum security, and we recommend you review all your online passwords and change any that are the same.”

However, some customers who received the email were concerned the note might be from scammers.

The Register has asked GWR for further comment. ®

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