BREAKING: pleads guilty to human trafficking in Texas

The classified advertising website pleaded guilty to human trafficking in Texas, the Texas Attorney General’s office announced on Thursday.

The plea comes a week after the attorney general’s office and the Department of Justice shut down the website, which they described as the “largest online sex trafficking marketplace in the world.”

The company’s CEO Carl Ferrer also pleaded guilty to money laundering, the attorney general’s office said. He will face up to five years in prison once he completes the term of his plea agreement, officials said.

Ferrer had been arrested in Houston in October 2016. The attorney general’s office said a search warrant that was executed on the website’s Dallas headquarters uncovered evidence that was critical in building a case against Ferrer and the company. has sites in 943 locations in 97 countries. The attorney general’s office said those sites were used to traffic woman and children.

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