Cancer treatment can't stop Capitals fan Amanda Wilson from seeing Stanley Cup chase in person

Tom Wilson is hoping Anton Stralman gets a call from the Department of Player Safety on Wednesday.

In the first period of Game 3, Stralman delivered a hit from behind to Wilson that sent his head into the boards. Stralman was given a minor penalty for boarding, but after the game Wilson made clear he did not think that was sufficient.

“He leaves his feet, I’m in a pretty vulnerable spot and he drives my head through the glass,” Wilson said.

You can see the replay here:

Stralman leaves his feet and launches himself into the hit. The hit is also delivered “to the number” of Wilson, meaning squarely from behind, not from the side.

“I’m not one to lay on the ice, but it took me a little bit to collect myself,” Wilson said. “I got back out there, but everything I’ve heard all year, he sees numbers for a good amount of time and he elevates through the back of my shoulder and head.”

“When I looked at it, I thought numbers and launching yourself in, those are two things that are red flags,” Barry Trotz said.

Wilson left the bench for the locker room briefly after the hit, but returned before the end of the period.

Wilson received a very stiff three-game suspension for a hit he delivered to Pittsburgh Penguins forward Zach Aston-Reese in the second round, a suspension he vehemently disagreed with.

Now, Wilson is asking for a bit of consistency.

“I can tell you that if it’s maybe the other way around, you better believe they’re looking at it and you better believe there might be a little bit more attention on it,” Wilson said.

There is no doubt Wilson has a bit of a reputation across the league that brings closer scrutiny on him and his physical play. But an illegal hit is an illegal hit regardless of who it is delivered to.  The question is does Stralman’s hit rise to the level in which supplementary discipline is called for?

“It’s a vulnerable position, and no doubt there’s contact with my head,” Wilson said. “If I’m wearing a helmet from five years ago, I think I’m probably unconscious. … I’m not here to complain about anything. I’m just talking about it for the better of the game and for the better of player safety.” 

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