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Climate change: Which are the best vegan milks?

Climate change: Which are the best vegan milks?

The popularity of vegan foods continues to grow, with January seen as a traditional time to consider giving them a try. Milk alternatives, such as oat, soy, almond or coconut, are one area of interest, with sales rising in the UK. A scientific study suggests the greenhouse gas emissions used in the production of plant-based […]

‘New’ apple and pear varieties found in Wales

Image copyright Welsh Perry & Cider Society Image caption Anglesey Sweet Jane (A1789) was found on a tree believed to be about 100 years old A total of 73 previously unrecorded varieties of apples and pears believed to be unique to Wales have been discovered by researchers. About 200 trees were DNA-tested in the two-year […]

Report: US 2018 CO2 emissions saw biggest spike in years

Media captionClimate change: How 1.5C could change the world A new report has found that US carbon dioxide emissions rose by 3.4% in 2018 after three years of decline. The spike is the largest in eight years, according to Rhodium Group, an independent economic research firm. The data shows the US is unlikely to meet […]

Why more female penguins are washing up dead in South America

Every year, thousands of penguins become stranded on South America’s coast – with females three times more likely to wash up dead or injured than males. Now scientists from Japan and Argentina have concluded this is because female Magellanic penguins are migrating further north in search of food than their male counterparts. The findings are […]

Incredible ‘sea monster’ skull revealed in 3D

Image copyright Nigel Larkin Image caption The skull is nearly a metre long Some 200 million years ago in what is now Warwickshire, a dolphin-like reptile died and sank to the bottom of the sea. The creature’s burial preserved its skull in stunning detail – enabling scientists to digitally reconstruct it. The fossil, unveiled in […]

Chang’e-4: Chinese rover now exploring Moon

Image caption An image of the rover rolling off the lander A Chinese robotic rover has got its wheels dirty after rolling off its landing craft and onto the lunar soil. The Chang’e-4 spacecraft touched down on the far side of the Moon at 10:26 Beijing time (02:26 GMT) on Thursday. Lunar exploration chief Wu […]

No sign of ‘distressed sperm whale’ in loch

Media captionSperm whale trapped in Loch Eriboll in Highlands A search of a Highlands loch has found no sign of a sperm whale believed to be in difficulty earlier this week. The animal, which has been estimated to be up to 9m (30ft) long, was reported to have been tangled in rope in Loch Eriboll, […]

Genetically modified ‘shortcut’ boosts plant growth by 40%

Image copyright Brian Stauffer Image caption These genetically modified tobacco plants were found to be 40% more productive Scientists in the US have engineered tobacco plants that can grow up to 40% larger than normal in field trials. The researchers say they have found a way of overcoming natural restrictions in the process of photosynthesis […]

China Moon mission lands Chang’e-4 spacecraft on far side

Media captionFar side of Moon captured by Chinese spacecraft China says it has successfully landed a robotic spacecraft on the far side of the Moon, the first ever such attempt and landing. At 10:26 Beijing time (02:26 GMT), the un-crewed Chang’e-4 probe touched down in the South Pole-Aitken Basin, state media said. It is carrying […]

Edinburgh scientists discover mammoth secret in ivory DNA

Image caption Woolly mammoth DNA has been found in trinkets branded as elephant ivory Scientists based at Edinburgh Zoo are cooperating to create a genetics laboratory in Cambodia to fight the illegal ivory trade. While trying to save elephants, they have found ivory from another animal that is now extinct. In the WildGenes laboratory of […]