Frederiks Kirke (Denmark) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Frederiks Kirke (Denmark) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Frederiks Kirke in Denmark.
In the middle of the 18th century King Frederik ordered the construction of the Frederiks Kirke in the heart of Copenhagen. Around the dome’s massive external balustrade there are various statues dedicated to a number of important church leaders including Moses and Martin Luther. With a diameter of over thirty one metres the Baroque dome of the Frederiks Kirke is the third largest of its kind in the world and was originally modelled on London’s Saint Paul’s Cathedral and also Saint Peter’s in Rome. But in spite of its beautiful Neo-Classical appearance and numerous splendid sculptures, the final result turned out to be far smaller than originally hoped for by King Frederik The Fifth. However, as the church and its prominent dome blends so harmoniously with the historical townscape of Copenhagen its present day dimensions have proven to be ideal for its surroundings. The majestic dome of the Frederiks Kirke highlights the architectural importance of this fascinating building as being the largest church of its kind in Scandinavia.

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