Latest ad for the Apple iPhone X shows how you can pay for an item with a glance

Since there is no Touch ID fingerprint scanner on the Apple iPhone X, the phone owner’s identity is verified for Apple Pay with the use of Face ID. In other words, with the tenth anniversary iPhone, you can pay for an item with just a glance at your handset. That is the premise of the latest television commercial for Apple’s iconic smartphone. The title of the spot is “Fly Market,” and it is all about looking fly. Or it could be that the items bought with Apple Pay fly through the air. We will leave the interpretation to you.

When the ad starts, we are in a flea market where our hero sees a hat that he really, really wants. So using Apple Pay, a quick glance at his iPhone X verifies the transaction, and the hat flies right to him. Of course, some additional accessories are needed, so a glance at a pair of cool shades allows them to fly right to his face. Add a cool suit, a colorful shirt, some new shoes, and well, you get the picture.

The new ad does remind us of the previous commercial released by Apple for Face ID on the iPhone X. In that spot, a teen went through her high school, opening locks and committing other mischievous deeds with a glance.

Check out the new ad by clicking on the video at the top of the story.

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