Scientists warn of abnormal drought in the near future

Ученые предупреждают об аномальной засухе в ближайшее время

Scientists believe that the changes will not go unnoticed to the world’s population, Scientists have done a lot of research came to the conclusion that the death of the Earth, which, according to their calculations, should come in about five billion years, reports the with reference to

Its cause should be abnormal drought, which comes after Sun to turn into a hot red giant.

Reaching a kind of “boiling point”, the Sun will begin to have a negative impact on the Earth, which will have a wide variety of disasters, the last of them will be anomalous heat that is able to actually destroy the planet. As a result of upheavals on the surface of the planet will disappear, many reservoirs and dramatically reduced the level of water content, which will be accompanied by a decrease in temperature.

Scientists believe that the changes will not go unnoticed for the population of the planet, which will not be able to survive, as clearly evidenced by global warming and the ice age that triggered the deaths of the previous inhabitants of the Earth.

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