This Company Will Pay You to Take a Month-Long Road Trip Across Europe

There are few things as romantic as picking up and heading out on a long road trip. The only way you could improve a great road trip is if someone covered your costs and gave you a little spend cash for the journey.

Student travel company STA Travel and travel insurance provider World Nomads are offering two pairs of people that exact opportunity. They’re hiring two pairs of future braggarts to go on a month-long road trip. One pair will traverse the United States while the other pair winds their way through Europe. (Despite STA’s involvement, you do not need to be a student to apply.)

It’s not a gig that will pay off your student loans, but it’s still a damn fine deal. The road-trippers will be provided with flights, $6,000 in spending money, van rentals, and adventure and travel gear that will make sure they’re making the most of their month of sightseeing. Additionally, if you win, you get to work with them on your itinerary to decide what kind of road trip you want to take.

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