Trump signs US-Taiwan travel bill, angers China

President Donald Trump has signed a new travel bill, allowing senior US officials to go to Taiwan to meet Taiwanese counterparts and vice versa, a move that has angered China, which regards Taiwan as a wayward province.

The White House said Friday that the non-binding bill, irrespective of whether Trump had signed it or not, would have gone into effect on Saturday morning.

This comes as tension is rising between Washington and Beijing after Trump has introduced tariffs and called for China to reduce its huge trade imbalance with the United States.

Earlier on Friday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang reiterated that Beijing opposed the legislation, urging the United States to conform to the “one China” policy and halt official exchanges with Taiwan.

The Chinese embassy released a statement, saying that said clauses of the legislation “severely violate the one-China principle, the political foundation of the China-US relationship.”

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